The first stop on my 9 night trip of Italy, I spent 3 nights in Rome, and I couldn’t wait to leave. Sorry guys, Rome was definitely not for me. Don’t get me wrong, it is an impressive place to visit but so many things let that down. Traffic is horrendous, crowds are ridiculous and you cant walk 2 steps without someone putting a selfie stick in your face to buy. Definitely not my idea of a trip away. I couldn’t get on that train to my next destination quick enough.



As I booked a package holiday and the accommodation was already included I had no choice of where I wanted to stay. On previous trips away the accommodation has not been an issue, the distance to the centre has been great and in walking distance. For Rome my accommodation was 30 minutes away from the centre!


Hotel Pineta Rome 

The view from my hotel balcony


This is the hotel I stayed at and one I would recommend staying away from. How this can be a 4 star hotel is beyond me. A very big disappointment as soon as I arrived. Staff are not helpful or friendly, my room was not cleaned after my first night, no fresh towels. The only good thing about the room was the great view from the balcony. The view looked out over the whole of Rome.

The hotel is way out of the centre, the walls are so incredibly thin that I spent every night awake due to the noise from the room next door. When I complained the first morning the lady behind the desk told me I should ring down next time as someone works the desk all night. I rang the desk the next night and someone came up to ask the room next door to keep the noise down, only for it to continue 5 minutes later. Lack of sleep, unfriendly staff, awful restaurant and not the best breakfast. Definitely not a hotel I will be returning to.

From the airport to the hotel you can get on a bus for 6 euros which takes you to the main bus station in Rome, to then get to the hotel is around a 30-40 minute Uber drive which costs around a lovely 30 euros! Due to the distance away from the centre from the hotel worked out at around a lovely 30 euros each way! So SO expensive.

Just around the corner from the hotel is a bus stop however; they do not run on some sort of a timetable so you just have to wait and hope it is not a long wait. You have to buy the bus ticket from the hotel reception however no one on the bus checks the ticket which gives a question on if you actually need one or not? The bus takes forever with all the traffic and all the stops, I took the bus once as it just took far too long and you are crammed in there which can only be described as a sauna.;label=hotel-83141-it-T_qKfke8XsLFYg8jCnhB%2AQS261031621343%3Apl%3Ata%3Ap1%3Ap2%3Aac%3Aap1t1%3Aneg%3Afi%3Atiaud-285284111486%3Akwd-216711596%3Alp1006608%3Ali%3Adec%3Adm;sid=d685ce402a0b74c2b09fdad1746e739f;all_sr_blocks=8314102_111765667_0_1_0;checkin=2018-06-15;checkout=2018-06-16;dest_id=-126693;dest_type=city;dist=0;group_adults=2;hapos=1;highlighted_blocks=8314102_111765667_0_1_0;hpos=1;room1=A%2CA;sb_price_type=total;srepoch=1528982398;srfid=59fc2f7023a23e7ad3b91dfcc19d8e9cfb804113X1;srpvid=ff6f5dbdea07000d;type=total;ucfs=1&#hotelTmpl


Hop on hop off Bus tour and slip the line


Before I got to Rome I had pre booked a 48 hour hop on hop off bus tour plus skip the line for the Colosseum which cost around 45 euros. I would definitely recommend booking this for a 3 night trip to Rome. You get to see so much and don’t have to worry about the cost of the transport and about wasting time trying to get to places, especially if you are on a tight schedule to see so much in a short time. I booked with ‘Get your Guide’ the guides were really friendly and the audio was great. Lots of information and history about Rome and everything you see. Definitely worth the money. The skip the line for the Colosseum is definitely worth it due to the craziness of the crowds, I was literally able to walk straight into the Colosseum.



The Colosseum

My favourite place in Rome, the most impressive thing I have ever seen. I first caught a glimpse of the famous Colosseum while on the bus tour and I couldn’t wait to go straight back there the next day for a morning of walking around inside.

As I had a skip the line ticket included with the bus tour I was able to pretty much go straight into the Colosseum (I only had to wait in line for around 10 minutes, which is nothing compared to what it would have been)

This place is breathtaking and I would definitely recommend going inside and not just taking the outside in. I spent around 2 hours walking around inside and taking all the architecture in. What an incredible place to visit, the pictures definitely don’t do it any justice what so ever.

The only bad thing about this was when I was leaving. As you go towards the exit you can see a line of men waiting for you to leave, so they can try and sell the selfie sticks and bottled water. It was so nice to spend a couple of hours not having to move out of the way of selfie sticks.


Trevi Fountain


The most beautiful fountain I have ever seen, unfortunately that was spoilt by the horrible crowds, the pushing and shoving of people trying to get their picture with the fountain.

The fountain is situated in the smallest area which does not mix well with the amount of people that flock to see its beauty. You literally walk around a corner and there it is, the most beautiful fountain surrounded by hundreds of people. How can people can get a picture without anyone else in it?? I can only imagine they spend a lot of time on photo shop or they get to the fountain in the early hours. I only spent around 15 minutes here because the crowds were just too much, I am pretty impressed that while I was sat on the edge of the fountain I was not pushed in by the crowds.



Vatican City

Another impressive place to visit is Vatican City, a must do while in Rome. As soon as you step into St Peter’s Square the architecture of the columns and St Peter’s Basilica is breathtaking. Get here early, as surprise surprise it gets stupidly busy. You are best to pre book tickets to go inside the Basilica, I did not go inside here as the lines were so big, and I did not want to spend my limited time waiting in line. I enjoyed walking around the square and then sitting back and doing abit of people watching. As you walk out of the Square towards the water there are a number of lovely ice cream shops to indulge in.



Sistine Chapel


In St Peter’s Square I spent so much time being stopped by people trying to sell me skip the line tickets to get inside the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. In the end I just decided to wait in line as normal and save myself an extra 30 ish euros. Do not fall for the skip the line tickets to get in, I waited around an hour to get in which wasn’t bad at all. I am so glad I didn’t fall for the pushy tour guides. Even while stood in line waiting they approach you, and try and get you to change your mind.

What a breathtaking place to visit. This was a last minute decision to go inside and I am so glad I went in. The only down side to inside the Sistine Chapel is how many people are in there at one time. Walking through towards the Chapel as there are so many people you are left shuffling along, and not actually walking, you are shoulder to shoulder with other people. Although this was a big hate of mine the details of the corridors and chapel made up for it. The ceilings are just amazing and something you really need to see, one place that I look back on and think how beautiful this place really is.

Once out of the Sistine Chapel there is the most amazing staircase, a spiral staircase which is definitely worth the visit to the chapel.

As you leave the Sistine Chapel walk down the steps and across the road is the best Ice cream shop you will ever visit. The nicest Ice cream I have ever had. The staff are so friendly and it is just a great place to go and sit after walking for hours inside the Chapel. You’re welcome 🙂



Although Rome is definitely not for me, I was still very impressed with a lot of what I saw. The only down side for me was the crowds, and having selfie sticks put in my face everywhere I went.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Miss Coddiwomple xx



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